Heat Pumps

Fairland Inverter Plus Heatpump

IPH_1.jpgThe inverter plus heatpump is our most energy effeicient heat pump yet. With a COP of up to sixteen, you will get sixteen kilowatts of heat in return for one kilowatt of power input. 

When you first install your Innverter plus heatpump it will run at 100% capacity for the first 5 days, then during the rest of the swimming season it will run at an average of 50% capacity to maintain the pool tempreture. 

The IPH offers a swimming environment 10x quieter than other heatpumps on the market. With an average sound lab testing of 50dB, the IPH is  slightly louder than an average refridgerator and quieter than an average conversation sound rating. 

The IPH features a classic aluminium alloy casting that seemlessly hides screws and secrue a life time of anti rusting. 

For more information about the Inverter Plus Heatpump click the link to download the brochure: Inverter_Plus_Heatpump_Brochure.pdf

Aquacal Tropical Range 

Magnapool Tropical Heat Pump

The Aquacal Tropical range of heaters are designed for small to medium sized pools. Made in the USA, this range comes in three sizes and are designed to fit any budget.

Tropical Benefits

  • High efficiency and quiet compressor
  • Large surface area and corrosion resistant evaporator
  • Vinyl coated evaporator and fan grill
  • Strong and silent sealed ventilator motor
  • Automatic defrost 




Aquacal Super Quiet Range

Magnapool Aquacal Heatwave Heat Pump


The Heatwave Super Quiet range are suited to larger pools, pools that need to be heated all year round and sites where a truly quiet heater is required.

Heatwave Super Quiet Benefits:

- Micro-processor controlled with Digital display
- Titanium Heat exchanger
- Scroll compressor
- Corrosion proof plastic cabinet
- Icebreaker model available for Heat & Cool
- Truly quiet 55dB noise level - virtually silent from 10 feet away!






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