Swimline Salt Chlorinator

The Swimline chlorinator is a robust and economical unit with a reverse polarity feature. This unit is also available to order with a Poolrite cell version with two sizes to choose from.
Smart micro-computer controlled system
Precision adjustment of chlorine output
Self-cleaning cell – standard on all models
Large cell surface area prolongs cell life
Exceptionally high quality cell anode material assures high efficiency
Sturdy, robust, weather proof housing
Available to retro-fit existing Poolrite systems without plumbing changes
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E Series Chlorinator

Utilising reverse polarity technology, the E Series chlorinator is the ideal, affordable, self-cleaning pool chlorinator suitable for most swimming pools. Australian-owned, designed and manufactured using heavy duty components and a premium Allchlor electrode.
User friendly controls
Robust and reliable design
Manual timer control
Manual cell switch
Heat dissipating & anti-vermin back
Low salt option of 4000ppm
Reverse polarity technology
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K Chlor Chlorinator

The Kchlor Digital Salt water chlorinator is designed and manufactured in Australia using only quality electrical components and commercial grade cell materials. The Kchlor takes into account your water temperature and salinity to help maintain the correct chlorine levels in your pool, simply enter in your settings on the LCD display, it’s that easy.
The self-cleaning cell is a standard inclusion with the Kchlor Digital Salt Water Chlorinator, helping to reduce maintenance while saving you time and money.

For help to size your chlorinator or for more information about the K Chlor Chlorinator series please contact the Ecosprings team.

Clever micro-controller
Self cleaning cell
Super-chlorinate mode
Spa mode
Pump protection
Automatic power reduction when salt is high
Super Capacitor for timer backup
Works with any 230/240V Pump
Stainless grade 304 mounting bracket with quick release pins
All our chlorinators are suitable for salt & mineral pools.

Please remember to check your pool salt levels every 4-6 weeks to ensure you have the correct level. 421 1463CONTACT US
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