Evo Lights

The ultimate in LED Lighting. Underwater pool lights that are simple to install and fit through a 60mm hole including a 30m cable allowing these lights to be installed below ledges for maximum pool illumination. Available in blue, white and multi-colour which includes the integrated Colour Selection Palette allowing the user to choose from an infinite variety of fixed colours and programming modes.
Evo FG Technical Specifications:
Power requirement: 12V AC 50/60 Hz
Protection Rating: IPX8 Pressure Watertight (to 2.0m depth)
Shell Materials: ABS – I/M Acrylic
Evo FG Environmental Specifications:
Temperature Range: 0°C ~ +40°C water temperature
Installation Location: 10cm ~ 200cm below water surface
Protrusion from wall: 29mm
Lens Diameter: 118mm
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Our compatible transformers are the AQUAQUIP Plug-in single or dual transformers.
Single Transformer Specifications
Quantity of secondary outlets: 1
Max. Number of lights: 1
Max. Output per light: 30VA
Input Voltage: 230-240v 50Hz
Output Voltage: 12vAC
Rating: IP44
Fuses: 1x 4amp
Dual Transformer Specifications:
Quantity of secondary outlets: 2
Max. Number of lights: 2
Max. Output per light: 30VA
Input Voltage: 230-240v 50Hz
Output Voltage: 12vAC
Rating: IP44
Fuses: 2x 4amp
Remote controller for your LED EVO Pool Lights
Intuitive touch-screen wireless handset allows you to instantly select colours for your pool, spa or water feature
The wireless handset is robust and water-resistant – whilst retaining a slick and stylish appearance
Control two lighting zones independently, with a wireless handset that has extended range
Choose from 7 fixed colours and 6 colour shows, or choose and save your own fixed colour
No need to replace your existing cables and transformers.
Enables lights to be dimmed
Simple to install, plug and play
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