Ecosprings Minerals

Every swim in an Ecosprings Mineral pool is a rejuvenating and healthy experience due to the well-documented therapeutic effects of Magnesium on your skin and body.
Why choose Ecosprings Minerals
Water that doesn’t sting your eyes or leaves a dry, salty residue on your skin
Water with no strong chlorine smell or taste
Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after magnesium absorption
Soothes common skin conditions
Renovates your swimming pool into a therapeutic escape
Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals
Suitable for all pool types
EcoSprings’ blend of natural ocean minerals is a unique combination of Magnesium and Potassium Chloride which produces a superior silky, smooth substance called Magnesium Hydroxide.

The Magnesium Chloride mineral as you bathe and swim can be absorbed through
the skin at cellular level. This process is called Mineral Science Therapy. This extremely important mineral can aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches and
pains. It also plays a vital part in detoxifying the body. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in the body. Magnesium shields our cells from heavy metals such as; aluminium, lead and mercury, truly making this mineral a ‘detox’ therapy.

Potassium Chloride combined with Magnesium is a wonderful combination to naturally nourish plants and grass. EcoSprings’ mineral blend is so gentle on the environment, when diluted 5:1 in a tank, you can use the water to irrigate your lawn and garden. When used this way you can save up to 100% of your water, which saves you money and helps conserve this most precious resource.

Once you have chosen to use EcoSprings minerals in your pool, maintenance is simple and cost effective. You will need to top up your pool water with EcoSprings minerals to keep your mineral pool operating to its impressive standards. Mineral dosing will depend on rainfall, dilution, and frequency of backwashing.

To find out the process and how many mineral bags you will need to start your EcoSprings mineral pool or to convert your existing system, please contact one of our team members.

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