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The New Poolrite Innosphere Media Filter is the first of its kind, being the only liquid blown filter in the world. It is ultra robust and has a unique flexible structure designed to increase the innospheres lifetime but up to 3 times more than competing filters. Despite it's strength the innosphere is also 70% lighter than other filters on the market. Making installation a breeze. 

The greatly known Poolrite 'S Series MK2' media filters are exclusively avaliable through Poolrite NZ here in New Zealand.  Perfect for any one demanding superior filtration performance. 

Robust, economical, and easy to install, the FG Pro Filters come in six different sizes, so no matter what size your pool is, we will be able to give it the best filtration possible. 

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The New Poolrite Innochlor is user focused and user friendly with it's light up LED Diagnostic Display to help users determine the status of the chlorinator. With its sleek modern design the innochlor can retrofit ALL major brands. This low maintenance energy efficient chlorinator is ideal for your new or existing pool.

The EcoSprings Minerals for your pool are sold in 10kg bags only through licensed EcoSprings stores and are exclusively available to EcoSprings pool owners. 

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Pool Heating

The New Inverter-Plus Heatpump is energy efficient with a COP up to 16. This will end up saving you money while you make the most of your swimming pool by extending the swim season or swimming year round. 

The Inverter-Plus Heatpump can run in two modes "Smart" and "Quiet" so you can adjust the energy output to suit your needs. 

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The Poolrite SQI and Enduro Series pumps combine performance and economic value, to provide you with all your swimming pool pump needs. Check out the rest of our range.

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Poolrite NZ has a range of under water swimming pool lights. The powerful and slim Evo FG LED lights are the latest design avaliable in blue, green, white or the extremely popular multi-colour light with integrated Colour Selection Palette allowing the user to choose from an infinite variety of fixed colours and programming modes.

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Spare Parts

As the exclusive New Zealand agents for Poolrite, we sell a wide range of the spare parts that are still in production.

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Pool Cleaners

The Triphibian diaphram pool cleaner is a slim cleaner good for getting into tight spots. Dont miss out, our last remaining stock and spare parts are available but selling out quick.


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