The filtration system on your pool is important to ensure all the dirt and debris is removed and your pool is left crystal clear. We have 3 different models of filters to choose from, all ranging in size to suit your pool. When matched with Ecosprings Ecokleen glass media you will not find a more hygienic, more energy efficient, and more cost effective solution to your pool filtration needs.
EcoKleen Media
S Series 
FG Series 
E Series 
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To achieve the best sanitation in your pool, Ecosprings has an exceptional range of chlorinators to choose from. All the chlorinators that we stock are both suitable for salt and mineral pools to ensure your pool is sparkly, clean and clear.
Swimline Salt Chlorinator
E Series Chlorinator
K Chlor Chlorinator
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We are New Zealand’s exclusive agent of Poolrite pumps and other genuine spare parts. Our pumps are Australian made and are an owned product by the renowned Evolve Group. At Ecosprings we have a reliable range of pumps from 0.75hp to 2.0hp.
Enduro Pump
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Turn your pool, spa or water feature into an eye catching highlight at night. Here at Ecosprings we only stock the ultimate in LED lighting. LED lights are available in a range of fixed colours or the multi-colour option which features the intelligence of Aqua-Quip’s Colour Selection Palette – providing an almost limitless variety of colour possibilities and a vast array of feature modes.
Evo Lights
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If you are wanting an economical and efficient way of heating your pool, our range Fairland heat pumps can offer you just that. Our heat pumps come with a COP of up to sixteen, you will get sixteen kilowatts of heat in return for one kilowatt of power input. Click the link below to discover all the features of the Fairland heat pumps.
Inverter Plus
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