Poolrite Pumps


SQI Quietline Pump

The Poolrite SQI pumps combine performance and economic value, to provide you with all your swimming pool pump needs.

Manufactured in Australia since 1982, the SQI range of pumps is ideal for both Commercial or Domestic installations where reliability and performance are desired.

For more information about the SQ Series Pump click the link to download the brochure: SQ_Series_Pump_Brochure.pdf






Enduro Pump

The Poolrite Enduro pump combines the low noise levels and Australian made quality of the Poolrite SQI series in an economical range of pumps now available in 0.55kw to 1.1kw sizes.

With a 2 year warranty (12 months on mechanical seal) the Enduro pump is perfect for domestic pools and solar installations.

For more information about the Enduro Pump click the link to download the brochure: Enduro_Pump_Brochure.pdf





SQ Gemini Twin 

The Poolrite SQ Gemini is a two speed remote controlled pump.  It has the same plumbing as all model SQ/SQI Poolrite pumps so it will slot straight in.

Unlike most multi-speed pumps the Gemini Twin is powered by a traditional induction motor that has been proven to stand the test of time. Most other ECO pumps on the market are DC. The Gemini Twin is a standard AC electric motor with a high & low speed winding.

The only time you need to use high speed is for backwashing or for vacuuming your pool.




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