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innochlor_banner._33jpg.PNGPoolrite Innochlor


The InnoChlor sets a new standard for chlorinators, being the most user friendly chlorinator on the market. With its diagnostic LED display, the innochlor clearly indicates the pool's operating status. The colour codes inform the pool owner of salt or mineral levels, fault occurances or if the cell requires cleaning.

The innochlor is ultra - robust and has specifically engeineered ventilation and heat dispersion to maximise reliability. The innochlor also has a stainless steel insect mesh which helps to eliminate failure due to infestation of insects and other wildlife. 

Swivel multifit coupling allows the innochlor to retrofit all major brands, without moving pipe locations.


For more information about the innoChlor click the link to download the brochure: Innochlor_brochure.pdf





SureChlor 4500

The Australian-designed Surechlor 4500 was vigorously tested during a three-year trial and is programmable for future innovations and functions.

The 4500 also features a time display and adjustible chlorine output, a salt-test function, manual pump mode and real-time clock with battery backup.

Poolrite offers a two-year warranty on the power pack and a two-year full and three-year pro-rata warranty on the cell.




Swimline Salt Chlorinator

The Swimline Salt Chlorinator is a high performance salt chlorination unit that lets you enjoy healthy, clear pool water.  It is a safe, clean, easy alternative to dosing your pool with dangerous, expensive and messy chlorine granules, tablets, or liquid.

Its is a robust and economical unit with a reliable anologue time clock and reverse polarity feature. The unit is also avaliable to order in a Poolrite cell version with two sizes to choose from. 



Chlorine Production Per Hour (Gph)

Swimline 25


Swimline 25P (Poolrite Cell) 25gm
Swimline 35 35gm
Swimline 35P (Poolrite Cell) 35gm

EcoSprings Minerals

EcoSprings minerals are sold in 12kg boxes, available only through licensed Poolrite NZ retailers and are exclusively available to EcoSprings mineral pool owners.

Magnapool Filtration Package

To find out how many mineral bags you will need to start your EcoSprings pool, please speak to youlocal builder/retrofitter. Once you have built your EcoSprings pool, maintenance is simple and cost effective. You will need to top up your pool water with EcoSprings minerals to keep your mineral pool operating to its impressive standards.

On average please see the guidelines below to get a general idea of what it will cost to maintain your EcoSpring pool annually with minerals. Mineral dosing will depend on rainfall, dilution and frequency of backwashing. 

30,000 litre pool
3 - 4 10kg bags of EcoSprings Minerals per year 
Annual mineral cost: $120 - $170 per year 

50,000 litre pool
5 - 6 10kg bags of EcoSprings per year
Annual mineral cost: $200 - $250 per year

For more information about EcoSprings Mineral Sanitation click the link to download the brochure: EcoSprings_Minerals_Brochure.pdf



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