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InnoSphere Media Filter

The Poolrite InnoSphere media filter is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, while being the strongest tank on the market of it kind.

The InnoSpheres' one peice blow moulded tank is designed to achieve maximum strength and durability whilst allowing the InnoSphere to be up to 70% lighter than other tanks on the market. Making install a breeze. Made from 100% recylclable PET and renewable materials make the InnoSphere truely the Eco choice.

For more information about the innoSphere click the link to download the brochure: InnoSphere_Brochure.pdf



Poolrite S Series MK2 Media Filters  

Now in Marble Speckled Finish.

One piece seamless rotationally moulded filter designed for max strength with overdrain designed for smooth even flow of water into the filter tank.

These filters are covered by a manufacturer's 10-year warranty on the filter tank and 12-month warranty on all other components.





Robust, economical, and easy to install, the FG Series filters come in six different sizes, so no matter what size your pool is, we will be able to give it the best filtration possible. 


For more information about the FG Pro Series Filter click the link and downlod the brochure: FG__Pro_Series_Filters_Brochure.pdf


EcoKleen Glass Filtration Media 


When combined with Poolrite's exclusive EcoKleen filtration media, your pool will not find a more hygenic, more energy efficient, and more cost effective solution to your pool filtration needs. EcoKleen recycled glass filtration media is environmentally friendly, we use refined recylcled glass as aposed to milled glass beads, 

For more information on how the FG Series in combination with EcoKleen works, please visit this link.

For more information about EcoKleen Filtration media click the link and download the brochure: Ecokleen_Filtration_Media_Brochure.pdf



High Performance Filter Cartridge



 - Compact and light weight
 - UV resistant tank
 - Heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning    and replacement of the cartridge element.
 - Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of      trapped air inside the filter tank.
 - High quality oil filled pressure gauge for easy  inspection of the operation pressure.



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