How EcoSprings Sanitation Works


The EcoSprings Way...

For millions of years, the oceans have effortlessly maintained balance between their countless inhabitants and the waters they populate. What appears to be a vast expanse of empty water is actually teeming with life, microorganisms and all.

An estimated 1,400 new marine species are discovered every year. If even 1% of the ocean’s life forms populated a swimming pool (to scale, of course), this would pose a sanitation nightmare. Now, do the oceans require additional sanitation from outside sources? For all the oceans’ inhabitants (and their waste products), there is no giant chemist mixing up buckets of chemicals to dump in the water. Nature is not designed that way. Neither is EcoSprings.

EcoSprings, patterned after nature’s blueprints, works to naturally sanitise your pool in two primary ways.

First, the EcoSprings filtration system naturally and efficiently removes microscopic organic matter in the water that bacteria feed on. The EcoSprings system naturally converts Magnesium minerals into Magnesium Hydroxide (also known as milk of magnesia), which is so gentle that many people apply it directly to the skin to heal problem skin conditions. In the EcoSprings system, this amazing magnesium compound acts as a natural coagulant and flocculent that filters out even the tiniest of organic impurities from your water. Without anything to feed on, bacteria simply prefer not to reside in your swimming pool.

Second, the EcoSprings Cell generates non-synthetic chlorine as a natural by-product of hydroxylation, a process that mimics the production of non-synthetic chlorine that occurs within our own bodies to fight bacteria and disease. This non-synthetic chlorine acts as a sanitation system to protect the integrity of your water quality. Not only is EcoSprings designed to naturally maintain its own balance, it is also designed to be a balanced component within the greater environmental context.

The oceans, which occupy nearly 71% of the earth’s surface and which can run hundreds of metres deep, are an integral part of our planet’s cycle of water. All the water that ever is, exists now in some form as part of this cycle.

Remember the giant ocean chemist who doesn’t exist?

Imagine if he were dumping synthetic chemicals in the oceans to keep it clean. Those chemicals would remain throughout the cycle of water and could very well end up in the tap that you drink from. Have you ever thought about your home and swimming pool as a part of this cycle? Unfortunately, most swimming pools generate large amounts of imbalanced wastewater that is environmentally toxic and disrupts the balance of the greater water cycle. 

Traditional salt-water pools contribute to dangerously high salinity levels in the environment, while traditional chlorine pools dose chemically laden wastewater back into the water cycle. When used properly, as it was designed, a complete EcoSprings system wastes no water. Because EcoSprings naturally maintains balance within its own water, it does not disrupt the balance of the greater water cycle. Unlike traditional pool wastewater, which contributes to environmental issues, EcoSprings’ backwash water can safely be used to water your lawn and garden (when diluted 5:1) **.

EcoSprings is a well-balanced system inspired by Mother Nature’s ingenious blueprints and put to life with the help of modern science. From the earth’s great cycle of water, down to the placement of each and every atom, nature creates its own balance and order. EcoSprings has been designed both to mimic nature’s effortless design and to fit within the greater scheme of natural order. Just the way Mother Nature intended.